Penguin Tuition is a group mathematics tuition centre located in Camden. We offer classes for children aged 5-18 (Years 1-13) and adults.

We teach mathematics through a unique theme based approach, in a small group setting, to make learning enjoyable.  We help develop the right mindset, so that children look forward to a challenge and use their inquisitive nature to solve problems without the worry of making a mistake.

Our aim is to inspire the children to enjoy maths in class and in their daily lives.

For adults, we offer classes to prepare for qualifications, including GCSEs and Funtional skills.

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Emotional Intelligence

We are all aware of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) which measures intellectual intelligence. I.e. Our cognitive ability to understand concepts, think abstract, solve problems and learn from experience. Emotional Intelligence (EQ – Emotional Quotient) on the other hand is less recognised, although gaining more and more prominence. Emotional Intelligence is our ability to recognise our emotions … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence

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